Domestic and industrial removals in Italy and overseas, transportation for artworks and collections.
Furniture storage and safekeeping in a totally secure environment.

AdArte Traslochi is synonymous with quality for domestic and industrial removals both in Italy and overseas, furniture storage and safekeeping, sea, land and air shipping, transportation and handling of artworks and collections, and other specialist services.

Our reputation, built on trust and reliability, has created a very loyal client base through a simple but effective method: word-of-mouth.

Our offices in Venice, Mestre, Treviso and Trieste can provide real-time assistance anywhere thanks to a workforce of highly skilled and specially selected employees who use their specialist knowledge to handle each operational and organisational phase of the move such as packing, dismantling and reassembly, arrangement of furniture and household goods, as well as modifying, adapting and installing wall fittings, lighting etc., to ensure a quality service that offers unparalleled value for money.

Our mission

At AdArte, our mission is to ensure the quality of our work through the professionalism of our employees, putting our customers and their needs at the heart of our planning process, with teamwork and both internal and external coordination, using the best equipment and the best-prepared people. When providing our services, we cannot fail to consider each and every detail to help ensure that the goods entrusted to us are handled correctly and safely. In fact, our removals process involves the client in person, establishing a link that goes beyond a working relationship and the typical company-customer exchange, creating an environment born from our feelings of affection for the objects themselves, as well as their intrinsic value as items that become part of our lives, or priceless memories of the past.

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Venice +3941 5228499
Mestre +3941 5314830
Treviso +39422 702931
Trieste +3940 308674

At AdArte Traslochi, we use our experience day in, day out to serve our customers, turning the potentially stressful situation of managing a move into a relaxed, positive experience
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