Furniture storage


with offices in Venice, Mestre, Treviso and Trieste

For us, this potentially sensitive service has always meant " safeguarding", in the truest sense of the word, your personal effects, furniture and valuable goods in a suitable and secure manner. AdArte has large spaces available for the storage of furniture, household goods, or any kind of non-perishable goods, whether short-term or long-term. The spaces and areas where the goods are stored are divided into sections.

You can choose storage only by opting for a DIY service, or alternatively rely on our long-standing experience and request the full service including packaging, dismantling, transportation to the warehouse and eventual redelivery.

AdArte's furniture storage facilities are fitted with CCTV and the most sophisticated anti-intrusion and anti-theft systems.

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Venice +3941 5228499
Mestre +3941 5314830
Treviso +39422 702931
Trieste +3940 308674

At AdArte Traslochi, we use our experience day in, day out to serve our customers, turning the potentially stressful situation of managing a move into a relaxed, positive experience
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