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Offices, libraries, laboratories

Office removals: industrial removals require excellent organisational skills. Thanks to our extensive experience, our team of experts, the methods we follow and the cutting-edge equipment at our disposal, here at AdArte we can plan and carry out removals for small/medium enterprises or even entire buildings to perfection, with meticulous efficiency, complying with all agreed timelines and schedules so as not to disrupt the company's processes and thus incur additional costs.

Removals for Archives - Libraries: relocating an archive or library requires a specific process and extensive experience to ensure safety, precision and an on-time delivery. AdArte Traslochi provides specially trained staff who, using the appropriate equipment and trolleys known as "roll containers", or multi-compartment containers of various sizes, will take care of cataloguing, packing, and repositioning the goods skilfully and precisely, keeping the books that have been transferred in their correct ordered sequence.

Removals for warehouses, laboratories and data processing centres: here too, AdArte stands out for its professionalism. There's no doubt that relocating a laboratory or production site is a tricky job. Your delicate equipment and instruments are packaged with the utmost professionalism and competence, loaded into specialist vehicles and anchored with ratchet tie-down straps, ensuring that your goods remain secure and completely intact.


A few services we have provided:
  • Removals for the Public Prosecutor's Office in Venice
  • Removals for the Labour Tribunal of Venice
  • Removals for the Venice Chamber of Commerce
  • Removals for the Verona Customs Office
  • Removals for the Finance Office of Mestre, Venice
  • Library relocation for the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Literature and Arts in Venice
  • Removals for the chemical laboratory of the Venice Customs Office
  • Removals for Ca' Giustinian, headquarters of the Venice Biennale
  • Library relocation for the "Istituto Cerletti di Conegliano Veneto"
  • Removals for Adria Hospital (Rovigo)
  • Relocation of the administrative offices and library of the Province of Treviso
  • Removals for the charitable foundation "Banca degli Occhi di Venezia"
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Treviso +39422 702931
Trieste +3940 308674

At AdArte Traslochi, we use our experience day in, day out to serve our customers, turning the potentially stressful situation of managing a move into a relaxed, positive experience
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