Services for individuals, businesses and public organisations

For Individuals:

  • Tailored removals to meet every need
  • Home removals in Venice, Mestre, Treviso and Trieste
  • National and international removals by lorry
  • Overseas removals by container to any destination in the world
  • Cargo shipping by air
  • Furniture storage and safekeeping in Mestre and Venice
  • Packaging material
  • Our insurance guarantee

For Businesses and Public Organisations:

  • Office and business removals
  • Archive and library removals
  • Removals for warehouses, data processing centres and laboratories
  • Storage and safekeeping
  • Packaging material
  • Our insurance guarantee

Art and Specialist Services:

  • Management of shipping and set-up for art exhibitions.
  • Packaging of artistic goods
  • Transportation of artworks and collections
  • Temporary imports and exports of artworks for exhibitions and museums
  • Rental of aerial work platforms, lifts and goods hoists for removals in Venice, Mestre, Treviso and Trieste
  • Transportation and relocation of safes, cash machines and high-tech machinery
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Venice +3941 5228499
Mestre +3941 5314830
Treviso +39422 702931
Trieste +3940 308674

At AdArte Traslochi, we use our experience day in, day out to serve our customers, turning the potentially stressful situation of managing a move into a relaxed, positive experience
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